Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Seer Council

So, what is in my Seer Council.

Farseer w/ doom, fortune, RoW, RoW, SS
Warlocks x3 destructor
Warlock Embolden
Warlock Enhance

All with Witchblades and all on Jetbikes. These guys are meant to have a slight punch before combat with the x3 destructors. However, during my games against mostly Space Marines, dealing with Apothecary Command Squads and Assault terminators, I noticed that I was not doing well in the battle of attrition. However, they have been getting stuck into combat quite a long time. Dont' get me wrong, I plan for this, specially against really nasty units like mentioned before (assault Termies or a FnP Command squad with storm shields).

Now, there are a couple of thoughts. One, maybe the unit may actually need two more destructors to ensure their time in combat is not so long. Or.....

What about a scalpel unit? This would be a unit that comes in after the council is stuck in combat and causes massive casualties to clear the path for the seer council to create havok on the rest of my opponents army. Currently toying with the idea of Striking Scorpions, Shining Spears, or Banshees....(either of the foot guys on serpents or falcons of course).

I will experiment / math hammer and will post again

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