Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vyper Update 1

Here is my first update on my progress on Vypers. I normally do one model before I perform any sort of assembly line type painting so that I can get all the steps and "formulas" down before I go on to the rest of the models. This one has taken me quite awhile. I am guessing it's because of basing them black. After foundation and 7 coats of red I believe I'm happy with the result of the body.

As you can see it is still a WIP (copied the green glow effect from Ron at From the Warp. I am not done with the gunner tourret, gunner, weapons, gems, highlights, metal details, gems and of course the dreaded Cosmic Serpent but figured I needed to do an update. If anyone has any tips on how they did their cosmic serpents let me know. I am leaning towards using a stencil but I'm afraid I may just have to do it free-hand.