Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Saim Hann vs. Tau

2 Bases
Won the roll to chose and picked to go 2nd being an objective game and all. I always worry about going second specially deploying everything. However, I've been having a lot of bad luck with reserve rolls in games where I go 2nd and reserve everything where basically everything comes in small tiny waves easy to handle by the opponent. So, took 2nd and deployed everything.

Even with trying to hide behind some of the terrain for cover one of my vypers, and a whole unit of jetbikes bit the dust (morale failure) after the first turn of Tau shooting.

So, Turn 1 Saim Hann I decide I am going to send the seer coucil down the center fortuned up to busy up / threaten the Tau's base. Having some of the bigger hitters tied up shooting at the council I turbo boost my bikes up the side and give them some cover with a fire prism which went flat out. Vypers move up to engage the piranahs while giving cover to my serpent for a couple of bright lance shots. Not much of this works due to disruption fields, I believe I destroyed maybe 1 piranah.

Turn 2 - Tau
This sees the Tau HQ deepstriking near my base and my fire prism getting pwnd even with holo-fields!

Turn 2 - Eldar
Managed to take out the pirana's although it took more fire power and commitment than I had originally planned. Dire avengers get out and take out the deep striking Tau HQ.

Turn 3 - Tau
Vyper goes down and I lost some of the seer coucil members. Devilfish begin their move along my deployment towards my base.

Turn 3 - Eldar
Seer council takes out a hammer head invading right into the Tau territory. Vypers are occupied yet again with another set of pirana's

Turn 4 - Tau
Sees 1 more seer council member dead another vyper gone and more advancing towards my base from the devilfish troops.

Turn 4 - Eldar
Jetbike squad at this point turns around due to all the pressure at the home base to backup claim my base while the remnants of the vyper squads zoom out to contest the enemy base with the seer council.

Turn 5 - Tau
Lots of jetbike deaths from fire warriors and drones but alas the eldar pass their morale

Turn 5 - Eldar
Bikes zoom in near the serpent to backup claim the home base vypers zoom in closer to the enemy objective but alas they fall short in distance. Serpent is positioned to attempt to prevent the devilfish from contesting with simply landing near my serpent. With that the game goes on!

Turn 6 - Tau
In this turn the Tau clean up the lonely warlock left in my seer council and 1 of the 2 vypers near their base as well as most of the jetbike squad near my own base yet they pass their morale test go guardians!

Turn 6 - Eldar
Vyper zooms out to contest enemy base. Game over. Eldar Victory!

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