Saturday, May 23, 2009

Magnetizing Flying Bases

Although I copied the idea itself from Fritz over at Way of Saim Hann I did a couple of things differently and thought I would show you guys what I did. First, it was my intention to use the Magz toys that Fritz recommends on his video so I purchased them.

Now, I was not too thrilled about the idea of gluing the magnet pieces to the flying bases. I decided to give a hand at putting something metalic on the stand and on the figures and simply have the sticks magnetize to both. I was not sure if they were going to hold but at the end it worked out. I went to the hardware store and bought some Wire Nails Size 1x16. I believe they cost me less than a dollar. I then used a wire cutter to cut them just right so that a piece of it was still left to fit inside the hole of the flying bases as well as the models.

I decided that I would use super glue to glue these nail tops to the bases and models. Super glue lasts for a very long time and although it will eventually give out (sooner than Epoxy or green stuffing) it is less messy to "re-do". So I proceeded to glue these to the bases, models, and even modified the vyper weapons to use them also.

The area where the weapon is placed on the vyper I ended up simply super glueing two Grade N52 1/8" x 1/32" magnets from K&J Magnetics to it.

After everything was said and done I am quite pleased with the outcome. I must confess however, putting the army "together" when going to play requires speed or put it together prior to getting a game as putting the magz sticks on the bases and then the models on it takes a tiny bit more time than simply getting them out of the case. However, I think it's worth all the trouble.


  1. Of course you know I think this is a sweet idea. I want to do something similar for my DF, HH, and Piranha, but I think I might need a shorter stand. I'll have to see what else is out there. Great work though. They look awesome.

  2. As far as your DF and HH I did something different for actual vehicles. They ended up being too heavy and big for this technique. Basically I did the same thing but replace the nails with magnets and of course gotta keep track of what side which magnets are facing.