Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My 1750 Saim-Hann list

So, been using the list for pretty much the last 20 games. I've probably lost 5 drawn 10 and I'm on a winning streak now. I think because it just took me a while to learn to use the incredible speed and maneuverability of the army. I actually have made some very minor adjustments to the list in terms of weaponry but alas, here's the list:

Farseer w/ RoW, RoWit, SS, Fortune, Doom - Jetbike
Warlock x 3 w Destructor - Jetbike
Warlock w Embolden - Jetbike
Warlock w Enhance - Jetbike

7 Guardian Jetbikes w 2 cannons
7 Guardian Jetbikes w 2 cannons

10 Dire Avengers w Exarch Baldestorm
Waveserpent w / TL-BL and SCan, Stones, Star Engines

2 Vyper w / Scatter Lasers and SCan

2 Vyper w / Scatter Lasers and SCan

2 Vyper w/ BL and TL-SCat

Fire Prism w / Holo Fields, SS, Star Engines, TL-SCat

Comes to exactly 1750. A couple of things that I've changed over the last 20 games or so, and by no means does it mean it's a permanent change. Seer Council, I've done all with SSpears and Destructors and truthfully they felt really realy weak in combat missing one attack per guy and at times stricking at the same time as a marine, I wasn't feeling it. Ended up with the build above and haven't looked back for awhile now (although I do miss the SSpear on the Farseer sometimes to pop the vehicle and assault the guys inside).

I did used to have guardians inside the waveserpent I believe because my vypers used to carry star cannons. I was not digging the star cannons at all. I felt that each group did not get enough shots and needing 4 to hits just wasn't enough. I then switched to scatter lasers... oh my... not onlyl did this switch give me room to put my dire avengers back in but 14 S6 shots from a single Vyper group have destroyed an incredible a mount of vehicles. Also, if the need arose (which it does often) to move 12" to either have my enemy need 6's or to get away from an assault all together... that is still 8 S6 shots 8! And that is just from 1 vyper group which we all know at least two if not all three groups will work as one unit a lot of times.

I did find it necessary to not have a third group of Scatter Laser (I wish) but equiped them with Bright Lances. I fight against Land Raiders pretty much everytime I fight so I need more than just the Prism Cannon or the TL-Bright Lance from the Waveserpent.

Anywho, those are the small changes I've made over time and with some practice.

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