Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eldar Skimmer Tactics

So, after many games in which I throw my Seer Council at the Assault Terminators w / Land Raider or Command Squad with Feel no pain and Storm Shields I started to think. Why do I keep sending my seer council out to stop the charge from the terminators / command squad. Specially anything on a landraider since they are able to assault from a great distance: 12" from LR movement + 2" from disembark + base size + 6". That can be a 20" assault range threat! Let's not even talk about the LR starting and finishing it's movement on a road because it gets worse.

Well, my opponents because quite familiar with the Seer Council and began planning on their hard hitters to be stuck on them also. I no longer had an advantage. The Seer Council getting stuck with their toughest unit was now part of THEIR plan. I was really wracking my brain trying to figure out how to make things go back to being on my terms and so it was that the Fire Prism (Or any tank with AV12 + holo fields but in a pinch any tank). Truthfully I have most of the idea to thank to my good friend Seint (nick name for now) who walked me through what he was thinking I ought to be able to do.

I was playing a game in which the same thing as always was about to happen, go up and force the enemy to engage my seer council or suffer an assault from the LR and it's occupants. It suddenly became apprent to me what my friend had been talking about. If I were to park my Fire Prism an inch away from the Land Raider it could not move forward as there was other structors on either side of it. Now, there wasn't so many structures that it was a city fight game but there was enough where the Land Raider wouldn't fit in that particular spot of the table without backing all the way out and coming back around which would then ruin their assault. Ramming the Prism was not an option as the LR can only achieve Strength 5 from a Ramming maneuver and that wouldn't even glance AV12. Amusingly enough this hapenned for the first time where my Fire Prism had to go 18" to get there so anyone assaulting needed 6's anyone shooting had to deal with AV12 (my back was not facing any shooters) and I got a cover save. On top of all that they would end up rolling twice on the vehicle damage chart THE FIRE PRISM WAS A BEAST!

Shooting yielded nothing but a 2 which turned into a 1 (crew shaken) and the assaults from the terminators yielded nothing. I now still have my Fire Prism AND my seer council to assault the terminators on their own terms or wreack havok on the rest of the army as they would have to get back in next turn without being able to assault at the 20" threat range they usually have while inside the LR.

So, skimmers! Do not forget you can do this and stop movement from hapenning! Also, I've tried this with a combination of Prism and some Vypers or Vypers alone. With the right combination of speed for cover and 6's needed in combat and let's not forget that a 3+ and the ramming vehicle stops ramming a skimmer, these vehicles are incredible at stoping movement from high threat targets on vehicles.

I will revisit this post with some pictures soon but hopefully it has all made sense.

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  1. Thanks for all the info on the Seer council. I had a question about tracking which if your warlocks had certain skills.

    When I play 1000/1250/1500/1750, I tend to mix & match the units and I have not figured out a way to track which units have destructors/enhance/embolden/etc. I was just wondering if you had a way you tend to track them (magnets, etc.)